Ok, this one has history!
About 14 years ago I started this personal illustration, that time my goal was just to create a cute and simple VW Beetle (FUSCA, FUCA, FUSCÃO, FUCABALA, FUKETA FUSQUINHA are some way we name here in Brazil) .

Well the project itself is very simple but I just could work on it in my spare time (ok ok my procrastination had a lot of influence here). For several moments I just droped the project, some moments has to do with time, others just because I´m not inspired to continue etc.

So, this project tooked so long that I even changed my 3d software in the proccess and found myself re-designing and re-constructing the entire scene again but in another 3D. Today I finished the illustration, I used Blender and Photoshop, some will say, "wow, you took so long to do that!?".
My best answer would be "yes, I do!", Because this one turns into something special, ok the illustration is very simple but for me is one of my favorite ones...

I hope you enjoy this cute trip through this one and see my 1st attempts, sketches, roughs etc etc...