Confea CREA

Agency: Agnelo
Production: Adjetiva
Studio: Quad studio
Illustrators: João Ferraz | Lucio Libanori
Co-workers: Andressa Reigadas | Flavio Callegaro

This is a cool project that we done for a government campaign. The agencies involved are Adjetiva (production) and Agnelo (Ad agency). Adjetiva hired us to work on the illustrations of the entire project.

This was a challenging project not only because it contains many details but also for the time to produce. The project took almost one year to complete because there were defined 4 plans for the cities. The briefing was delivered by each plan quarter. This briefing was a summary of information collected on a blog / site created specifically for this project. Thus people/users from archvis and urban projects contributed indirectly (their information became our briefing) to the creation of the illustrations that were done on demand every quarter.

Confea/Crea no iPad